In-House Testing

If you are thinking about purchasing a sieve from us but would like to check beforehand that it performs the job you need it to, then contact us regarding our free* in-house testing facility.

Each test we perform for you will aim to follow your own processing parameters and will include a documented report of the test in question.

As part of this service you can either arrange to visit our test facilities at our Hampshire factory and view the test yourself or send your selected material directly to us. We would be happy to accommodate you either way. If you decide not to visit our facilities, we can film the test for you and post it privately on our YouTube channel for you to view. 

Our testing facilities also have a Bulk Bag discharger and Bulk Bag filler available for use enabling us to accurately replicate a customer process.

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*subject to mesh ring stock, charge may apply for non-standard fine meshes.