Sievgen 04

Highly automated, ultrasonic sieve for recycling/processing metal powders

To meet the needs of our additive manufacturing (AM) customers, our powder processing system has been developed to reduce both downtime and operator involvement.

The unit opens up to reveal the sieve at the heart of the process, allowing unhindered cleaning access and minimising turnaround times between batches or material changes. Its straightforward interface enables automation of the process, releasing the operator from continual supervision of the recycling process, whilst still keeping them in control.

Controlled. Efficient. Safe. 

Features & Benefits

  • A complete conveying and sieving solution – compact, all in one design, easy to manoeuvre
  • Enclosed inert atmosphere – sieving and collection of powder into a canister can be done under inert atmosphere to increase safety and extend powder quality
  • Flexible Solution: optional layout to allow larger containers to be wheeled up to the unit and option to add conveying unit to transfer powders directly from unit to AM machine
  • Batch weight control – control of machine through weighing of processed powder, and data logging of batches
  • Highly automated user interface – intuitive menu based system
  • Quick clean cycle – accessible system (on sliding drawer deck) for quick clean or part change
  • High throughput ultrasonic sieving – aids throughput whilst maintaining high single pass efficiency



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