Sievgen 03

Non-automated, low volume or research friendly metal powder sieving system

A unassuming but highly efficient sieve aimed at research establishments and lower volume additive manufacturing (AM) producers. At the core of SG03 is a design that simplifies sieving. A budget system that offers quick and easy powder processing, whereby the oversize is kept on the mesh – guaranteeing 100% single pass efficiency.

Manual operation is kept as straightforward as possible, with a flexible design that allows for easy breakdown of parts and cleaning between material and batch changes.

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Features & Benefits

  • Mobile Solution – on wheels, no lifting required
  • Quick tool free disassembly – easy access to open frame design
  • Easy clean, crevice free design – tool free access to all consumable components
  • Optional deblinding systems: mechanical (ball) and ultrasonic
  • Inerting capability – inlet/outlet bosses supplied




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