Separating Ceramic Components


A small machine to separate high value electrical ceramic chip based components from sand. The components were manufactured and then fired within an oven, each batch of components being within a sand filled container (approx 2Kg). 


Fed by hand. Discharge into an indexing cushioned tray.


A special built Segregator 21 machine was designed to carry out the separation. Because of the nature of the chip component any damage to the edges or corners rendered them useless so extreme care and gentle handling was required.

Each batch was hand tipped onto the sieve screen and the gentle vibration allowed the chips to pass along the machine, the sand discharging through the mesh and thence into a collecting container. Once the cleaned chips arrived at the mesh end they passed on to a sloping chute which discharged them onto a moving cushioned tray, pneumatically operated to ensure the chips were evenly spread out.


The system provided almost 100% collection rate with minimal rejection, overcoming the problems they had originally had with manual handling. The machine fitted neatly into their existing production area.

Wesentliche Fakten

  • Linear motion ideal for screening, grading, dedusting & dewatering 
  • Adjustable screen inclination to retain liquid
  • Self-cleaning system to overcome problem of liquid carryover
  • Low maintenance/running costs