Vibratory Sieve with Dust Containment


The client needed to check sieve ingredients into containers without excessive dust.


The operator fed the machine from raw ingredients sacks, which were then discharged into a tote bin below.


Because the client was handling only small batches of ingredients on an occasional time scale, an inexpensive method of achieving his aims was necessary.

The Sievmaster 553-STS sack tip station solved the problem. Supplied as standard, suitable for connection directly to the existing dust extraction system, it was provided with a dust retaining sleeve fitted into and over the lip of the receiving container. The dust was retained within the sleeve on exit from the sieve.


The arrangement allowed the client to easily batch sieve his products and ensure quality assurance, whilst maintaining the Health & Safety requirement within his premises, all at a sensible cost.

Key Facts

  • Cover system to eliminate powder spillage
  • Integrated dust cowl for connection to extraction systems
  • Wet or dry applications
  • Easy clean design, no crevices 


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