Sieving Toner Powder


To provide a machine suitable for the removal of any oversized product from black toner. In addition the unit needed to be easily dismantled for cleaning, and have seals which provided a dust tight arrangement without leakage. Company had already tried competitors’ machines without total success.


Fed from vacuum hopper loader unit above sieve. Discharge through floor into process line.


Farleygreene adapted a Sievmaster 700-ST High Speed unit for trial. The machine was fitted with a single screen sieve but with machined inner rings bonded to the original pans to provide a perfectly flat surface to seal, the spun pans appeared flat but the minor irregularities in the forming did not provide a sufficiently flat surface to seal. Additional clamps were also fitted to increase the seal clamping surface area. Triclover clamps were used to provide a sealed interface to the delivery and discharge outlets (subsequently changed for a specially made system).

The machine performed outstandingly providing a higher yield throughput than any other machine tested, even those who provided ultrasonic versions.
The machine was provided with a vacuum transfer hopper loader to transport the toner to the sieve. The whole assembly being mounted within a special mobile frame, allowing access from 3 sides.


Customer received a turnkey solution to suit the problems he was experiencing, fitting into the existing production area with minimum modifications.

Key Facts

  • Fully sealed system with no exposed rotating parts
  • Separates oversize from fine material on a continuous basis
  • Separation of product into 3 grades
  • Wet, dry or liquid applications