Screening Pharmaceutical Granules


A sieving machine to remove fine particulate from a spheroid, granular drug product. Current competitor’s system did not carry out the requirement successfully.


Fed by hand from stainless steel scoops. Discharge directly into lined drums.


After trials a Segregator 42-1S was found to be the most suitable machine. It allowed the good product to pass down the screen and the fines to pass through easily. The motion of the machine providing gentle lift to the product allowing it to rise up slightly from the mesh to prevent blinding. The throughput quantity was such that the machine easily coped and required no restriction by weir plates. A pharmaceutical design machine was designed.


Proving the effective use of trials, as at first discussions a Segregator was not the most obvious choice of machine. Customer had final product with no dust and no breakages to the ‘good’ product.

Key Facts

  • Linear motion ideal for screening, grading, dedusting & dewatering 
  • Adjustable screen inclination to retain liquid
  • Self-cleaning system to overcome problem of liquid carryover
  • Low maintenance/running costs 


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