Screening Metal Powders


To check sieve a heavy metal fine powder for the machine tool manufacturing industry.


Product came direct from the raw material process via vibratory feeder. Discharge into collection barrels.


Supplied a Sievmaster Multiscreen 600 machine with ultrasonic high frequency variation to the mesh. Machine was in single screen format with a specially designed discharge outlet to eject oversize product after each batch.

Product was introduced to the machine via the open top from a vibratory tray feeder. The sieve unit was timed to sieve the product and once complete the machine stopped and reversed the direction of the motor, the pneumatic shuttered outlet opened and oversize material was ejected. Once the oversize material was clear the machine stopped and reversed the motor back to sieving mode for the next batch. Machine was floor mounted on an extended height mobile base to suit the feed height of the vibratory feeder.


Provided ideal solution to sieve a difficult product as previous throughputs were negligible without the use of ultrasonic de-blinding system.

Key Facts

  • Ultrasonic deblinding system, designed to improve throughputs by up to 300%
  • Perfect for screening powders, liquids, ground, or disintegrated products
  • Improves throughput rates
  • Up to 4 grades (3 screens available)