Screening Gel Capsules at IVC Brunel Healthcare


The UK’s leading manufacturer of vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements, IVC Brunel Healthcare, recently added a second production line to their new top-of-the-range Soft Gel Facility in Swadlincote, Derbyshire. Due to high demand from their new facility an updated Soft Gel capsule sorter was required and Brunel called upon Farleygreene to help them out.

“After contacting Farleygreene, who had originally made the very first one, they were more than happy to come to site to see what new version they could offer”, explains Chris Tilson Manufacturing Manager. “After taking a number of dimensions, the engineering team at Farleygreene came back with a number of options for us to consider.”


The capsule sorter is for the grading of Soft Gel Capsules where oversized and under sized product is separated and only good capsules are passed over an inspection belt, metal checked and packaged.

At the start-up phase of the Soft Gel production line an amount of undersize capsules were extruded. The interchangeable ‘Sizing Plate’ drilled through with product specific holes ensures that only the correctly sized capsules travel through to the sieve outlet. At this point any Soft Gel Capsules that have fused together are intercepted and prevented from exiting the machine.

To provide a clear view of this sorting process a full length Perspex lid with quick release handles enables the operators to see the machine and processes are working smoothly.
The new design incorporated a side outlet for the efficient collection of the undersized capsules. The Gaskets and flexible sleeves were all constructed in metal detectable blue rubber.


“After dealing with Farleygreene over a number of weeks on a bespoke sorting line, I found them to be very positive in their approach and professional. The quality of work was of the highest standard and their support team was always at hand to help. If in the future I need a bespoke machine that Farleygreene can accommodate, I would happily work with them again.” – Chris Tilson, Manufacturing Manager @ IVC Brunel.

Key Facts

  • Linear motion ideal for screening, grading, dedusting & dewatering 
  • Adjustable screen inclination to retain liquid
  • Self-cleaning system to overcome problem of liquid carryover
  • Low maintenance/running costs 


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