Safety Sieving Removes Foreign Objects


To remove any paper or any other large or oversized objects from the discharge of an automatic sack splitting machine.


Directly fed from automatic bag splitting machine. Discharge into screw conveyor.


Because of the method of bag splitting within the automatic bag splitter, large pieces of paper were occasionally being allowed to enter the conveying system and subsequently blocking the flights preventing the product’s onward flow to the next process. By incorporating a Sievmaster Slimline 950 unit below the bag splitter all product was check sieved prior to delivery into the conveyor system. Revisions were also carried out to the existing conveyor feed arrangement to allow integration of the machine.


Product now flows directly through the system without any blockage problems. Sieve continuously discharges any large particles or paper thus allowing operators to monitor the bag splitter performance to allow them to make planned maintenance reviews of the splitter cutting blades.

Key Facts

  • Easy clean design, no crevices
  • FDA compliant material
  • ATEX approved on all sizes as standard
  • No tool quick change screens


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