Pneumatic Sieving Line for Biscuit Factory

Spanish food manufacturer improves target rate and product quality with assembly of ten Farleygreene Sievmaster Vacusieves.

As one of Spain’s largest biscuit production factories, current production objectives required various food products such as puffed rice, corn flakes, oat and starch to be processed at a rate of 5T/hour via a -400mbar pneumatic line. Specifications given by Farleygreene OEM’s made it clear that this would be a task for the Sievmaster Vacusiev; however, the puffed rice characteristics needed further investigation given their low bulk density of around 150kg/m3.

Using Farleygreene’s test facilities, bags of product samples were used to run in-house trials with the demo unit. The throughput was the focus of attention on all four materials with the tests aiming to validate the requested flow rate whilst recording product behaviour during the process. The target rate was met without difficulties whilst maintaining the product quality, as a result, a full documented report was shared with the end customer for review which ended up being key for the positive development of the project.

The sieves were installed in pairs, mirroring each other in 5 parallel production lines: 5 with left handed tangential vacuum connection and the other 5 right handed. 8 months later a Farleygreene sales representative had the pleasure of meeting the end user at an exhibition and their feedback couldn’t have been better with all ten machines running efficiently and producing the expected results.


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Key Facts

  • Enclosed system, removing the issue of airborne dust
  • Inlets/outlets sized to suit new of existing convey lines
  • ATEX approved 
  • Easy clean, no crevices