Batch Sieving Flour


Small bakery needed to sieve/sift small batches of flour and some ingredients of different sizes prior to baking, to ensure there was no unwanted material within ingredients.


The flour was hand fed by the machine operator, the collection of ‘good’ product was then separated into plastic containers.


An all stainless steel Sievmaster 200-S was used to carry out the requirement and the ‘as supplied’ range of meshes were perfectly suitable for the requirement. Single phase electrics allowed the use of the machine from any location within the premises. The sieving machine also provided a means of pre-sieving some ingredients on a larger scale to allow dispensing into their process over several days. The SM 200-S is hung on a hook on the wall when not in use.


The sieve enabled the company to control the quality of their ingredients without large capital outlay.



Key Facts

  • Product quality maintained
  • Made with FDA compliant materials
  • Low running costs
  • No tool, quick change screens 


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