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Sievgen and Inert announce a new partnership for supplying powder handling equipment to the US additive manufacturing market. The two companies based in Amesbury, MA and Mapledurwell, UK will work together to promote the Sievgen 04 automated sieving station to companies working with powders used in the 3D printing process.

“For us the US is one of the key markets where AM is taking off,” states David Buckley, Sievgen’s Product Manager. “As a company we are investing heavily in the AM sector, and as an established partner, Inert are well placed to unlock both sales and market knowledge to help feed back into future development, something that we see as vitally important in any partner that we work with in this sector.”

“It was a win-win situation,” explains Inert President Daniel Clay. “We met with Farleygreene (the sieving experts behind Sievgen) at last year’s TCT show in Birmingham, and that initial meeting lead to discussions about how our two companies can benefit from what the other has to offer. We’ve been providing inert gas enclosures to additive manufacturers, now we can offer them more ways to improve their AM processes with the Sievgen in our portfolio.”

Clay cites the high cost and corrosive properties of metal powders as some of the biggest hurdles additive manufacturers face. “The Sievgen is hermetically sealed like our glove boxes, and allows users to safely work with, weigh and measure, reclaim, and transfer metal powders to and from AM machines. That saves time and money.”

The Sievgen 04 sieving station will be displayed alongside Inert’s new powder handling glove box system in stand 1147 at Rapid + TCT held May 9-11 in Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

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