Spares & Process Equipment


Spares and Accessories

Farleygreene offers you full support and services for your machines. We can offer parts for a wide range equipment not only for our own manufactured machinery. We can offer the following:

  • Meshing of new and existing frames and rings, including bespoke items.
  • Mesh rolls and panels including woven mesh, perforated, wedgewire and synthetic mesh assemblies.
  • Replacement vibratory motors.
  • Flexible sleeves & rubber balls.
  • We can either source or advise on almost any part you might be looking for.

You can download a remesh form here.


We can now supply almost any type of magnet you require for your process line. From simple single magnet bars to geared rotating magnet arrays within an enclosed box. Suitable for use with powders or liquids.

Our magnets are made from rare earth neodymium and are very stable and give a very long magnetic life. They can be supplied in many strengths.

Our sieving machines can be fitted with rare earth magnetic separators, mainly to stop any ferrous metal entering into production lines post screening.


Process Equipment

We have forged relationships with many other process equipment manufacturers and we can integrate a wide range of items with our sieving machinery. Some of these include:

  • Big bag stations – loading and filling
  • Mechanical conveyors (flexible, screw, aero types)
  • Weigh platforms
  • Feeders
  • Dryers
  • Mixers

We can bring all these items together to provide a bespoke system to your application requirements, from design right through to installation.

Vacuum Systems

To complement our vacuum sieves we can supply vacuum transfer systems to provide a fully enclosed convey and screening process from A to B. This system can also be connected to almost any of our sieving units outlets in order to provide a simple and hygienic low care to high care thru’ wall process.



If you cannot find what suits your process on this website we can offer you a tailor made solution. We provide a simple and effective design process which encompasses 4 basic stages.

  1. You have an application or an idea the you need to solve or improve your process.
  2. We take your idea and requirement; we apply our experience and expertise to provide a concept.
  3. We discuss and collaborate with you to ensure all aspects of function and operation are catered for.
  4. We then finalise the design, manufacture the equipment and delver your bespoke solution.


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