The ‘Sievmaster 700’ is a 600 mm diameter machine with powerful vibration output. This robust unit will efficiently sieve production quantities of material on a continuous basis. Its strength lays in its heavy duty smooth clean design. Having no exposed rotating parts and a fully sealed drive system it can be used in the most arduous environment. Ideal for areas where maximum usage is envisaged, where high pressure hosing down might be normal, and, where fast efficient sieving is of paramount importance. The quick change sieve assemblies and all stainless steel product contact parts make it easy to clean and reassemble to give minimum downtime between batches. The machine is available, as standard, with a mobile base assembly or it can be mounted on a static stand. A high spec ‘hygiene’ model is also in the range for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Typical Uses

  • Check sieving and grading
  • Under FIBC/IBC, Blender discharging systems
  • Separation of milled or ground products into max. 3 grades in one unit
  • Wet or dry applications
  • Liquid separation
  • Production sieving into sacks or containers
  • Flour, sugar, spices, cosmetics, seeds, almost any powder or granulated material


  • Your product quality maintained
  • Separates oversize from fine material continuously
  • Constructed from FDA compliant materials
  • Low maintenance/running costs
  • No tool quick change screens
  • Dust & hose proof   IP67
  • Easy clean design, no crevices
  • All stainless steel body with 316 contact parts

Options Available

  • Rare earth under screen magnets
  • Oversize discharging outlet
  • Scroll system for maximum screening efficiency
  • Ultrasonic de-blinding
  • High speed version for fine powders
  • Full validation packages for Food/Pharma
  • ATEX approved units


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