Wherever loose powders are handled, generated dust is nearly always a problem encountered by manufacturers. It is unpleasant within the working environment, and more importantly hazardous to health in most instances. When the product requires sieving the situation will be compounded, as the vibration from the sieving machine can easily create airborne particulate. To overcome this problem, and provide a means of transferring product from one area to another in a single operation.

Farleygreene have developed the Sievmaster Vacusiev. The system can incorporate a sack dispensing station, sieving machine and discharge hopper all being connected together, under vacuum, to retain the product within. Various configurations are available within the range each being engineered to suit the clients exact need. Options include dispensing directly from a sack, sack tipping with or without bag compaction, big bag dispensing all can be incorporated to create a dust free atmosphere.


The unit can be mounted onto a stand as shown, it can be fitted to a completely bespoke frame to suit the application and customer requirements. We will design it to fit, although our standard usually fits most requirements.

The Vacu-siev is ideal if you need to sieve a product and elevate it to discharge point up to 80 metres away. This is ideal if you want to move product from a low care area to a high care area. You can guarantee that once the product has passed through the screen and on to the next process via the conveyer and convey line, there is zero chance of any contaminant in the line. It is also extremely easy to clean between batches and can incorporate WIP & CIP arrangements.

The larger 950,1250 and 1550 models can be used within a pressure transfer system as well as under vacuum.

Typical Uses

  • Check sieving ingredients within vacuum or pressure systems
  • Pharmaceutical powders
  • Wet or dry applications
  • Production sieving into mixer or bagging machines
  • Simple to couple into existing convey lines
  • Flour, sugar, spices, cosmetics, seeds, almost any powder or granulated material
  • Feed from manual suction lance or direct from hoppers or IBC’s


  • Your product quality maintained
  • Enclosed system removing the issue of airborne dust
  • Constructed from FDA compliant materials
  • Low maintenance/running costs
  • No tool quick change screens
  • Dust & hose proof   IP67
  • Easy clean design, no crevices
  • ATEX approved on all sizes as standard
  • All stainless steel body and contact parts

Options Available

  • Available in 550, 950, 1250 & 1550 diameters
  • Mobile stands for greater flexibility
  • Oversize discharging outlet with valves to maintain internal environment
  • Low care to High care transfer systems available
  • Ultrasonic de-blinding systems
  • Full validation packages for Food/Pharma


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