The ‘Sievmaster Segregator’ range of machines are suitable for separating both wet or dry products. The large screen area allows the product prolonged sieving time and the unique sealed linear vibration system gently but positively presents the product to the mesh to ensure the material is efficiently screened. This unit is ideally suited to light fragile products with low bulk densities. When sieving liquids or wet products the adjustable screen inclination can be positioned to retain the liquid, the oversize particulate is then driven forward for collection. This system is self-cleaning and overcomes the basic problem of liquid ‘carryover’ in the solids. A ‘Hygiene’ series is also available, developed especially for the food industry. It is manufactured entirely from stainless steel. These easy clean units can be supplied upon wheels for mobility or feet for static installations. The range is available with variations to provide up to 3 separations, with a wide choice of sieving aids for problem materials. Each unit is manufactured to order and is configurable to ensure it fits to the customers exact process needs.

Typical Uses

  • Check sieving and grading of your product
  • De-dusting, de-watering of products
  • Wet or dry applications
  • Liquid separation
  • Tablets & capsules
  • Where there is an offset of inlet to outlet required
  • Biscuits, confectionary, liquids, seeds, almost any powder or granulated material


  • Your product quality maintained
  • Sieve and convey in one action
  • Constructed from FDA compliant materials
  • Low maintenance/running costs
  • Quick change bonded screens
  • Dust & hose proof
  • Easy clean design, no crevices
  • Noise level less than 70 dBA in use

Options Available

  • Available in 1250mm long x 650mm wide and 1550mm long x 920mm wide mesh frame sizes
  • Bespoke stands for greater flexibility
  • Designed specifically for your application
  • Oversize discharging outlets
  • Ultrasonic de-blinding
  • Full validation packages for Food/Pharma
  • ATEX approved units
  • Custom designed units
  • Special capsule sorting model


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