The ‘Sievmaster Multiscreen 600, 800, 1000, 1200 and 1500 vibratory sieving range will provide users with an economic means of sieving almost any wet or dry product into up to 4 grades (3 screens). These fully adjustable machines provide three dimensional vibrations to quickly sieve/ grade nearly all types of materials. The unique weight configuration allows perfect control of dwell time and screening efficiency of the material being screened thus maximising the consistency of the product being screened.


Available with all stainless steel contact parts and the option of a stainless steel base unit, if required they can be used in all types of industries and environments. The quick change mesh system allows for easy mesh changes and cleaning. There is a wide choice of accessories and adaptations make these high performance units suitable for all types of uses – powders, liquids, slurries almost anywhere accurate separation is required.

The unique mechanical mesh de-blinding system provides screening of those more difficult products using rubber balls and rounds sliders, but we can also utilise an ultrasonic de-blinding system that can be added to new and existing Multiscreen units. The digital generator on our system gives a sonic wave pulse to the mesh, that constantly adjusts itself to the required frequency to eliminate blinding, clogging and can improve throughputs up to 300%. The ultrasonic converter is outside of the product flow and stops heat build-up which causes premature mesh failure which is common with other systems of this type.

Typical Uses

  • Separation of milled or ground products in up to 4 grades in one pass
  • Screening of fine powders (e.g. toner powder, metal powders)
  • Grading of kibbled or “disintegraded” products
  • Wet or dry applications
  • Liquid separation
  • Flour, sugar, spices, cosmetics, seeds, almost any powder or granulated material


  • Quality assured graded end product
  • Constructed from FDA compliant materials
  • Low maintenance/running costs
  • Quick change bonded screens
  • Dust & hose proof
  • Easy clean design, no crevices

Options Available

  • Available in 600, 800, 1000, 1200 & 1500 mm diameters
  • Specially designed frames and extended height bases
  • Scroll system for maximum screening efficiency
  • Ultrasonic de-blinding systems
  • Full validation packages for Food/Pharma
  • ATEX approval on all sizes


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