Our Sievmaster 200-S provides a check sieving solution for small batches. The modular design allows for use with powders and liquids. Manufactured from durable stainless steel with interchangeable mesh discs for different types and grades of product. This unit is supplied ready to go, just add some electric power………..


The Sievmaster E-400 is the newest modular design by Farleygreene. Primarily aimed at the food and chemicals market, this sieve is a highly flexible and efficient solution for low volume check sieving or grading requirements. With a range of options available, the modular unit can be adapted to meet requirements as they change, or fit different points in the process………..



Sievmaster Slimline models can be used as a simple method of check sieving into containers, but is primarily designed for gravity fed lines. Its low profile design allows for installation into existing lines, it can also be coupled to or from FIBC’s, fillers, hoppers or mechanical & pneumatic conveyors……………


Check screening of powder & ingredients from containers or sacks is of prime importance when introducing them to a production environment. Our entry level station provides this process along with a simple means of protecting operators from airborne dust……………..



Check screening of powder & ingredients from containers or sacks is of prime importance when introducing them to a production environment. The Easilft range is a robust and powerful with a full dusthood protecting operators and a unique power lift system which allows the unit to be cleaned without any heavy lifting………


Based on the Slimline type check sieve range, this machine can be coupled inline into vacuum or pressure convey systems to provide a completely sealed sieving and transfer system. Simply cut into an existing line or we can supply the full system for you…………….



The Multiscreen range is designed for continuous separation of materials. The units are supplied in 600, 800, 1000, 1200 & 1500mm diameter sizes and can grade product into a maximum of 5 grades in one single pass….


A traditional and versatile machine that can be used for grading and check sieving. It is supplied on a mobile base and can be either used as a stand-alone process or it can be installed into a process line if required……



Designed primarily for dedusting or dewatering applications, the efficient vibration of the screen is ideal for friable product. The unit can deal with large volumes of oversize and can be used for almost any type of product needing screening – powders, granules, liquids, swarf, biscuits, fruits & vegetables……………………


Where high volume bulk check screening is required the Rota series of machines provide a non-vibratory type of centrifugal sifting. Completely dust tight and static it can be fixed into place. The internal screen and sieving paddle components are fully removable without the need for any tools…………………………



This unit will act as a lump breaker and sieve in one solution. If you have agglomerated product and want to make it usable this will provide you the answer. Fed through the breaking auger section, then into the sieving chamber the product is conditioned and is outputted as fine aerated material ready for use……………


For difficult and very fine classification of powders all FG machines can be fitted with our frequency variation ultrasonic de-blinding system. Digital technology enable the user to control the system via the generator box and through the connection of our simple software add on………………..