There are three essential characteristics to look for in a good test sieve shaker.

It should generate an effective sieving action for tests to reach an ultimate end point.   The end point should be reached in the shortest possible time.  The results achieved should be reproducible. For consistent, reproducible results the correct sieving action is all important.

We design and engineer our shakers around these key features. We ensure that the design performance provides optimum sieving action to the sieves to give rapid accurate results. Not only must the sample be vibrated vertically but it needs to rotate over the full surface of the sieve where it can be presented to the maximum number of apertures in the minimum time.

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As manufacturers of test sieves we understand how sieves and shakers interrelate. This knowledge is built into every model. So too are the same skills and exacting engineering standards that have made ours the finest test sieves in the world.

Our laboratory sieves incorporate some of the latest features and technology whilst retaining all the essential features of earlier models.

Fast clamping, with consistent pressure the shakers are equipped with a unique clamping device enabling the clamp plate to be fitted in seconds. The device also ensures the clamp plate secures the sieves with consistent pressure providing positive clamping and reproducible results.

Long-life springs
Special non-metalic, non-corrodible, laminated leaf springs are used on all shakers to provide a long trouble free life.

Avoiding blocked apertures
A feature of the sieving action is the rapid vertical movement imparted by the shaker. The movement is continuously helping to clear the sieve apertures and avoid them blinding.

We can also supply an ultrasonic deblinding add on that can be attached to any 200 diameter test seive

Typical Uses

  • Analysing product particle sizing
  • Grading of high value powders.


  • Fully enclosed dust tight unit.
  • Easy maintenance & access for quick chaneover.
  • Quality assured graded final product.

Options Available

  • Ultrasonic mesh de-blinding system
  • Calibration media
  • Sieve pan cleaning system.


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