Reduce dust & spillage whilst sack tipping

To check sieve cornflour into a bowl mixer. The light and fine nature of cornflour resulted in major dust problems when loaded by hand and after a day’s work the working environment was extremely dust laden with accumulated product on the floor being trodden to other areas.

Operator fed from raw ingredients sacks. Discharge directly into vacuum transfer convey system.

The Sievmaster 553-STS, in combination with a small vacuum hopper loader resulted in a dust free atmosphere and removed the problem of excessive product on the floor. The operator loaded a bag at a time to the Sievmaster 553-STS and allowed the hopper loader to take away the product and transfer it to the bowl mixer via a large diameter tube into the bowl, now fitted with an enclosed cover. Product was then removed as necessary to use on the dough dusting conveyors.

Provided an easy method of reducing dust and spillage. Together with cost saving on original lost product.



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