Sieve & convey product from ribbon mixer

To sieve and convey product from a ribbon blade mixer to allow bagging up into 25Kg paper sacks.

Convey product under vacuum direct from mixer outlet. Feed into sieve from vacuum hopper loader unit. Discharge directly into sack below.

The ribbon blade mixer discharge outlet was fitted with a feed elbow air entrainment valve, and aeration jets to prevent bridging and rat holing in the mixer exit feed. The flexible pipe from the feed elbow drew the product into the hopper loader mounted upon a combination frame with the sieve located below it discharging to the sack positioned on a weigh scale.
This start-up company needed a compact system as space was at a premium, it was also a consideration to be able to extend the arrangement once production increased. The Sievmaster Slimline 550-FF unit was chosen as this machine was considered versatile enough to cope with any increase in production they could initially foresee. The system used BFM fittings between the vacuum discharge and sieve inlet to allow for quick changes of meshes without the need for cumbersome sleeves.

A clean and efficient means of filling sacks. A cost-effective system which has the ability to allow then to increase production when needed.


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