Turnkey Tipping Station supplied to Bakery

A production bakery requiring to sack tip ingredients from a ‘low care’ area to a ‘high care’ production area. Minimal dust, easy to clean and no operator access between the areas. Continuous production was necessary with differing ingredient blends.

Hand fed by operator into multiple dispensing points. Discharge into containers in high care area.

A long counter, with inlet ports located along it, was positioned between the two different areas, an additional see through wall section was also incorporated into the counter to allow visual contact between. At each end of the counter a Sievmaster Slimline 550 Easilift sack tip station was located mounted upon a special low level tubular frame. Product was sack tipped into the sieves and wheeled containers located below (in the ‘high care’ area) were filled accordingly. Three other dispensing points were fitted with dusthoods to allow for non-critical ingredients to be passed through the control point.

The Sievmaster Easilift units were connected to an external dust extraction system located on the building’s roof. Two sack tip counters were supplied coupled to the same dust extraction system. The two areas were also maintained at slightly different air pressures to ensure no contaminate dust could penetrate into the ‘high care’ area.

Turnkey system supplied into a new building extension including mechanical and electrical installation of the sieve units and dust extraction system.


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