Additional Conveying Eliminated Using Segregator

Continental potato starch manufacturer required to check sieve product through a single deck machine to remove any oversize material. Inlet and outlet positions were out of line by approx. 1500mm.

Fed directly from spray drier. Discharge into existing gravity type pipework.

The Sievmaster Segregator machine was selected because it allowed the product to be introduced directly from the feed pipe and because of its conveying property it discharged almost exactly at the required offset discharge position.

A special arrangement was designed to provide exactly the correct location positions. The enclosed machines were fitted with vision ports to allow mesh condition inspection and were fitted with a panwork lifting arrangement to allow a one man dismantling facility. The top gallery was fitted with an adjustable weir plate arrangement to allow for adjustment of flow rate across the mesh screen.

Machine provide avoided the need for additional conveying from discharge to next process. Suited process particularly well.
An additional machine was later supplied.


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