Bespoke centrifugal sifter unit for explosive product

Major agrochemical manufacturer required a check sieve to ensure the product was fed into a mixing system under secure conditions, because of its toxicity and hazardous (explosive) nature. The product also contained some random lumps which needed to be broken down prior to introduction to the mixer.

Direct and fully sealed feed from existing pipe line. Discharge into sealed mixer vessel.

A specially designed Sievmaster Rota 200-ST centrifugal sifter unit on a bespoke support frame was supplied. The unit was fitted with bolted panels which only allowed access by maintenance engineers. The unit was nitrogen purged to overcome any explosive risks and was fitted ‘in-line’ to the system by being fed by a fixed piping arrangement and discharging directly to the sealed mixer. The oversize was minimal but retrieved via a special catchment container fitted with double valve system. The ‘aggressive’ auger and paddle blade assembly continuously broke down any lumps within the enclosed body of the machine. The machine was interlocked to all removable panels to the nitrogen purge control system.

The design met all the criteria set within the specification. The unit being outside the normal ATEX requirements due to its nitrogen purge system. (Note: special control systems required when nitrogen purge arrangements are necessary. To ensure nitrogen present during production, when body is sealed to atmosphere and to ensure nitrogen is NOT present when maintenance is being carried out.).

SM Rota 200-ST
SM Rota 200-ST 2


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