Machine modified to sieve at double throughput

Company using a Sievmaster Rota 200 machine sold their existing business. Restarted with another business but required twice the throughput originally produced. Machine was used to break biscuits down to a crumb suitable for use in cheesecake bases.

Lifted and tipped directly from Dolav type containers. Feed onto swan neck cleated belt conveyor via small intermediate hopper.

Supplied Rota 400-ST which provided twice the throughput of the original Rota 200 machine, because of it double auger and paddle blade configuration. Feed hopper was modified to provide a moderate sized bulk hopper. Unit mounted upon a stainless steel stand and Farleygreene also supplied the lifting and tipping unit to feed the sifter, along with the belted conveyor to take the product away for packing.

The Sievmaster Rota was fitted with a perforated mesh basket which effectively creates a grating effect to the biscuit, grinding it down to the size required. Biscuits being of a high fat content can clog a normal grinding system but the action of the blades prevent this and allow for very fast production.

Satisfactory production rates achieved. Client provided with standalone system without the need for him to source various machines from alternative suppliers.

SM Rota 400-ST tri


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